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How to Plan the Best Class Reunion (1)

Class reunions are special occasions. You want to make sure yours goes off without a hitch, and that requires proper planning.

Work With a Committee

You should not have to plan a party on your own. Work with an alumni committee to assist you. This allows you to delegate tasks, so there is less on your plate. It can also be fun working with people you graduated with and may not get a chance to see that often. 

Stick With Your Budget

Whatever you decide on a budget, you need to stick with it. You do not want expenses running out of hand. It can be wise to assign one person in your committee to be the treasurer who ensures the costs do not add up too high. 

Hire a Caterer

This is one thing you do not want to overlook. You want to hire a local caterer to ensure there is plenty of food and drinks. You need to hire the caterer early on in the process. One month before the actual reunion, you should call again to confirm everything. 
With great friends and delicious food, this will be one class reunion people will be talking about for a while. Contact GingerBabies at 717-246-6300 to get a sense of what an exceptional caterer looks like.