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3 Tips to Plan a Stress-Free Adult Birthday Party

Planning an Event
Planning a huge adult birthday party is exciting and fun, but it can also be exhausting. Here are three tips to help you manage the event with minimal stress.

1. Create a Clear Plan

It's easy to get caught up in the possibilities when planning a birthday party for an adult. You can spend hours fantasizing about the details you want to include. However, at some point, you must make a clear plan that includes the party elements you actually can accomplish.
The planning must include:
  • A budget
  • A guest list
  • A location for the party
  • The event date and times
  • The decorations and furnishings
  • A menu of food, beverage and spirit options
Your budget is listed first because all other choices for the party depend on it. When you love and admire the person having the birthday, you may be tempted to add too many special surprises to the party. A budget keeps you focused on the important party elements. Break the budget down to indicate how much you plan to spend for each component of the party.
Find ways to save on your budget by choosing d├ęcor items that you can create yourself. For example, if you want a low-cost birthday photo booth, set up your own background for photos. Use glitter, foil, and decorations to spell out the date and event. Have party guests use the background for their own selfies, or delegate a few friends to take turns snapping guest shots.
After reserving your venue or ordering your party favors, remember to save the receipts in a special folder. Stay on top of your budget by routinely adding up receipts for party expenses. Monitoring the budget and adding up total costs as you go will keep you from going overboard.

2. Decide on an Invitation Style

A basic party planning checklist hinges on the guest list. When you know exactly how many people are coming to the party, you know which size venue you need to reserve. Once you have your guest list compiled, will you send invitations or use social media to promote the party?
With RSVP invitations, you can get a reliable idea of how many people will attend. If you use word-of-mouth or social media to advertise the event, you may have too few or way too many guests show up at the birthday party.
If you plan to host the party at a park or other outdoor space, you can get away with having extra people show up to the birthday bash. If you plan a party in a private home or a commercial event venue, you must be more precise with your guest count. Too many guests can overwhelm a home. Too many guests can also cost you extra fees at a venue because you have more guests than you paid to attend.

3. Hire a Catering Team for Food

Hiring a caterer to manage the food at the birthday party is a smart move. Preparing, cooking, and serving food takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish, especially if you have a large guest list. If you or other loved ones prepare and serve food, you or your loved ones must constantly check food displays, refresh menu items and keep the displays clean and tidy. There's not much room for fun.
You must also have items like serving spoons, chafing dishes, plates, buffet tables, and other furnishings to serve guests. Without the right tools and skills, you can't serve guests properly and you compromise food safety for everyone.
A catering crew has all of the furnishings necessary to prepare and serve food safely and in style. Everyone at the party gets to have fun because no guests have to worry about keeping track of the menu.
Catering crews create menus for sit-down dinners, buffet meals, and even special treat or dessert stations. They customize menu items to accommodate food restrictions and preferences, so you can keep the whole crowd happy.
When planning your adult birthday party, contact GingerBabies Catering LLC to order fresh and delicious party foods from our hors d'oeuvre, salad, sandwich, and other menus.